Infant Incubator

Infant Incubator
SFDA ClassificationClass IIb
Purpose of UseThe premature baby incubator is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for premature babies until their full development. The appropriate incubator protects the baby's skin, with these special characteristics, the incubator protects premature babies until they are fully developed.
Work Location & End-UserPlace of work: neonatal intensive care and operating rooms
End User: Medical staff, especially nursing
Parts & AccessoriesTemperature probe (one time use)
probe cover
• Air Purifier
• Replacement for sleeves
• Mattresses and covers
OperationA fan blows filtered ambient air over a heating element and a water container. Through a control valve additional oxygen can be supplied to the air. The moistened, heated and enriched air now flows into the above cabinet with the baby. One part of the air escapes from the cabinet through vent holes, another part gets back into the air processing.

Common Problems• Heating element malfunction
• thermal breaker
• a fan
• brakes and doors
Manufacturers• Dräger
• GE Healthcare
• Hill-Room
• Ohio Medical
SourcesSaudi Food and Drug Authority
Saudi Food and Drug Authority Document
Franks Hospital Workshop

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